Anna Edna Cemetery
Southeast of Jerico Springs. On Highway 97 just south of city limits, turn left on dirt road at highway department. Go 1/4 mile east. Cemetery is on the left side of road. 


Apostolic Church Cemetery

From Lamar go west 6 1/2 miles on US Hwy 160 to MO Route O. South on Rt. O for 4 1/2 miles. Turn east on SE 50th road for approx. 200 yards. 

Bakers Grove Cemetery

From Lamar go north on U.S. 71 and 6 1/2 miles to MO Route V west to NW 30th lane. Approx. 100 yards west of V and NW 30th lane a drive leads north 150 yards to this cemetery. This place is just west of the home of R. VanGilder. 

Barton City Cemetery

From the junction of MO Hwy 43 and MO Route K, go 1 mile north on Hwy 43, the 1/4 mile east on country road. The cemetery is located on both the north and south sides of the road. 

Bethlehem Cemetery

East on Hwy 160 to ten-mile corner. Go 2 miles east, one mile north, 1/4 mile east to cemetery. 

Brasher Cemetery

From the Junctions of B & Hwy. 97 go west on 97 for 3 miles. Look for cemetery sign. Turn right on the Country road the Road ends at the cemetery.

Bluff Cemetery

From the junction of US Hwy 71 and MO Route V, go west on V 6 miles, then go 1 3/4 miles north on country road. The road dead-ends at the cemetery. 

Black Jack Cemetery

From the junction of MO Hwy 126 and MO Rt. M go south 2 miles on Rt. M then go east 1/4 mile on a country road. Cemetery is on the southside of the road. 

Carl Junction Cemetery


Clintonville Cemetery


Doylesport Cemetery

Eight miles north on MO Route A from Junctionof Hwy 160 and Rt. A. Then 1/2 mile west. The cemetery is on the southside of the road but it is overgrown and hard to see. 

Dudenville Cemetery


East Cemetery

Just south of the Full Gospel Tabernacle Church on Hagny Street. East Cemetery was the first cemetery established in Lamar. Only family members of those already buried there may be buried the now. 

Fairview Cemetery

Four miles east of Lamar City limits on Hwy 160 then east 1/4 mile on route T. Continue east on cuntry raod 100yard where T curves south. The cemetery is located on the northeast corner of the crossroads. 

Fasken Cemetery

Hwy 71 to Baseline Road. East on Baseline to 100. Go South on 100 Road. Cemetery is one mile east off of 100 Road. 

Faubion Cemetery (Cook Cemetery)

Go one mile south of Howell Cemetery, the about 100 yards east on a country road or 3 Miles North on Route HH, the 1/2 mile west, Then 1/2 mile north then approximatley 100 yards east. NE 30th road and North 75th Lane. 

Forest Grove Cemetery

From Rt. KK in Lamar go South on KK 3 1/2 miles until KK ends. Jog to the left the right. Continue south on SE Lane approximately 3/4 mile. Turn left on lane leading to the Jack Quick residence (450 SE 15th Lane). The cemetery is east of the Quick residence. 

Garden of Memories (Pittsburg, KS)

Highway 160 to Hwy 69. Go north on Hwy 69. The cemetery is on the west side of the Highway. 

Greenfield Cemetery

3 miles south of Jerico Springs. Make a right turn at the hog farm go west about 3/4 of a mile. The cemetery is on the right side of the road.

Harlow Cemetery

South edge of Golden City, MO on Hwy 37. The Cemetery is on the east side of the highway. 

Howell Cemetery (Owens Cemetery)

1.5 miles south of Milford, MO on county road going south from junction of Mo state road C and CC. The cemetery is located on west side of the road. 

Iantha Cemetery

From Lamar, MO, West on U.S. Highway 160, 6 and .5 miles to MO Route W.

North on Route W to Iantha, MO.

North on Route W to NW 10th Road 1 and .5 miles.

West on NW 10th Road .5 mile to NW 60th Lane.

North on NW 60th Lane .5 mile to Iantha Cemetery entrance, on East Side of Lane.

  I.O.O.F. Cemetery

North edge of Golden City on Depot Street, north of Hwy 160 Accross the Rail Road Tracks & Behind the elevator. 

Kiley Cemetery

From Lamar go south on U.S. Hwy 71 for 5 1/2 miles to SW 60th road. West on SW 60th road to SW 8th lane, go .8 of a mile north on SW 8th lane. Follow until it jogs east a short distance when the lane turns north the cemetery will be on your right. 

Lake Cemetery

West of of Lamar on north side of Hwy 160. Across from Mc. Donalds. 

Leroy Cemetery

From Lamar go west on Hwy 160 to Hwy 43. Then North on Hwy 43 to Rt. V. Contunue one Mile Noth on westbound Rt. V. Continue west 2 1/2  miles. Note: Rt. V eands @ Rt. K. Continue west on NW 80th road for 1.5 miles. Cemetery is on the north side of the road. 

Liberal City Cemetery

At norteast edge of city of Liberal, MO or 1.5 miles west on MO Rt. K from junction of Mo Rt. K and MO Hwy 43 the south 1/8 mile.  Cemetery is on the west side of road.

Lockwood Cemetery


Maple Grove Cemetery

Take U.S. Hwy 160 east 10 miles to E Hwy. Take E 4 Miles to stop sign. Turn Left on to D Hwy. Go one mile north cemetery is on the left in the town of Sylvania.

Memory Gardens Cemetery

Take U.S. 160 East to Supermarket, turn south for 7 blocks cemetery is on the right side of road. 901 East 19th Street, Lamar 

Mindenmines Cemetery

From U.S. Hwy 160 in Mindenmines, go south on country road at west edge of town approximatley 1/8 mile. Cemetery is on west side of road. (The road going south is  the only southbound road in Mindenmines.) 

Mitchell Cemetery

3.5 miles East of Jasper, MO on Highway K (Thorn Road). Corner of Highway K and 100th Road.

 Mt. Carmel Cemetery

5.5 Miles west of Golden City on Hwy 126, or 5 1/2 miles East of U.S. 71 & 126 Highway. Cemetery is on the north side of the road. 

Morehead Cemetery

3/4 mile south of junction Hwy. 160 and State Route HH. Cemetery is on the east side of the road. 

Nashville Cemetery

Cemetery is located in the northwest corner  junction of Missouri Hwy. 43 and Route AA or 1/2 mile east of Nashville, Missouri. 

Newport Cemetery

Take 160 Hwy to the 10 mile Corner, Take F Hwy to BB in to Newport. Go East of Newport, Missouri. The Cemetery is on the north side of state route BB. 

Nigh Cemetery

From Junction Hwy. 71 and 160 at the west edge of Lamar, go North on 71 highway to junction 71 & EE, East on EE 1/12 Miles, the south 1/2 mile, the east on Nigh Cemetery Road 1/2 mile. 

Oakton Cemetery(Oak Grove Cemetery)

From Lamar go west on 160, 4 miles to Rt. J. South on Rt. J 2 3/4 miles to the village of Oakton, MO. Cemetery is wist of Rt. J United Methodist Chruch is on the East side of J. 

Omar Cemetery


Paradise Cemetery

Northwest of 71 Hwy  & Baseline Junction. 

Pierce Cemetery

From Junction of Missouri Hwy. 126 and 43, go north one mile, then east on county road 1/2 mile. Then North on graveled lane. The lane stops at the cemetery. 

Pippenger Cemetery


McKill Cemetery


Rosebank Cemetery (Mulberry, KS)

North on 43 to Liberal, MO. West out of Liberal. Turn South at T of highway. Follow highway the highway will turn back west into Mulberry, KS. You can see cemetery on right from the stop sign. Turn right (North) & go to the city utility building. Turn right (East). Road goes straight to the cemetery. 

 Round Prairie Cemetery

5.5 miles north of junction of U.S. 160 and MO State Route F, then one mile west on Country road.Cemetery is on the south side of the road. 

Sheldon Cemetery



Shiloh Cemetery

From Lamar go west on Hwy. 160 to 43, go 10 miles north on Hwy 43 to Rt. V. west on Rt. V 4 miles to Rt. K. North on  Rt. K one mile. West on Rt. K 1/2 mile. East on 95th road to cemetery entrance 100 yards. Cemetery is east of NE 145th Lane and south of 95th Road. 

Stockton Cemetery

Turn right at the Stockton city square. Cemetery is on the left side of the road. 

St. James Cemetery (St. James Ridge)

4.5 Miles north of Milford, MO on the end of Missouri State Route CC. 

St. Mary's Cemetery

NW Corner of Lake Cemetery. 

Toslon Cemetery

Vernon County, NE of Sheldon, MO. Take B Hwy east at Sheldon. Go 2.8 miles east from 71 Hwy. North one mile on gravel, east one mile, north 1/4 mile, turn into cemetery drive at small sign. Cemetery is up a lane in the woods. 

Vaughn Cemetery